Junior Jyotish

Junior Jyotish 1.86

Provides an astrology guide for beginners using basic principles of Parashara
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Displays the astrology guide that can be used by beginners while taking advantage of the classical Parashara Indian system. In includes elements of the Systems Approach to Indian Astrology.

Junior Jyotish 1.09 is a beginners astrology program.
It uses basic principles of the Indian Parashara system.

It also includes elements of the Systems Approach (SA) to Indian Astrology by Professor V.K. Choudhry of New Delhi.

To build an horoscope, you´ll need to fill the Chart Data, pressing over the File and then the New option.

You will have to enter the first and last name of the person, the time, zone and birth date and the exact place in the world (by entering latitude and longitude coordinates).

Then, the horoscope will be shown in the Chart View. This view will show the name of the person in the upper left corner, the date of birth, the time, time zone and daylight offset of the current chart.
Two rectangular charts will be displayed. The largest is the natal chart, where the locations of the planets and the ascendant are indicated. The smaller chart is the 9th divisional chart or the navamsa. Both Northern and Southern Indian charts styles are available and may be switched by selecting View/Chart Styles from the menu.
To the right of the natal chart is a box displaying the degree and sign of the ascendant and the planets. On the right a summary of the Vimshottari dashas is displayed.

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  • It´s a free way to make horoscopes


  • It´s somewhat confusing
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